In the next period, several public institutions and municipalities will put out several vacant positions. Depending on the training, Teleormanians who want to be budget managers can compete for the positions of librarian, school secretary, financial director, accountant or skilled worker. For example, the Alexandria County Emergency Hospital organizes a recruitment competition for the occupation of an indefinite period, the contract execution position, vacant, stretcher bearer within the Department of Neurology. No seniority is required, candidates must have at least a high school diploma and the participation fee is 100 lei. The conditions that candidates must meet in order to register for the competition can be consulted at the following address:

Here is the list of vacant positions in Teleorman county:

  • Librarian (0.5 norm), House of the Teaching Body, Alexandria
  • Contractual positions (4 positions), the town hall of Slobozia Mândra Commune;
  • Qualified maintenance worker, Dobroteşti Municipality town hall;
  • Worker (fireman) 0.5 norm, Secondary school, Băbaita commune;
  • School secretary-0.5 norm, Secondary school, Băbaita commune;
  • Minibus driver, Talpa High School;
  • Director of financial accounting, Turnu Măgurele Municipal Hospital;
  • Secretary I S-0.5 norm, Teleorman County Center of Excellence;
  • Financial Administrator I S, "Zaharia Stancu" High School, Roşiori de Vede;
  • Scientific researcher, Teleorman Agricultural Research-Development Station;
  • Stretcher, Alexandria County Emergency Hospital;
  • Head of S.V.S.U., Nanov town hall, Teleorman county;
  • Secretary (0.50 norm), High School, Trivalea Moşteni commune.