County Employment Agency Teleorman is organizing the JOBFAIR on 20 May 2022, starting with 9 o’clock

The event is addressed to all categories of jobseeekers or to those who want to do a professional reconversion.

The main objective of the Jobfair is to increase the employment rate by correlating the job demand with the offer, and it provides the opportunity for a direct contact between employers and job seekers, ensuring to each part following benefits:

For employers:

  • Possibility to select labour force depending on job’s requirements;
  • Checking the compatibility between the offer and candidate’s profile;

· Ensuring qualified labour force, through professional training programmes provided by AJOFM Teleorman.


For job seekers:

  • Possibility to discuss with several companies and to carry out interviews with the view to employment;
  • Receiving information on vacancies;

· Receiving information on the services provided by AJOFM Teleorman (information, coaching, mediation, professional training programmes.


Companies having vacancies and are interested to take part in the event are kindly asked to inform on those vacancies until May19th 2022, to AJOFM Teleorman (Alexandria, Str.Dunarii, nr.1, tel 0247/310155) or to the closest local agency where they are located.